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What exactly is included in each Bloom Kit?
- Each Bloom Kit includes five dahlia tuber varieties (specified on the Bloom Kit page), and five flower seed  varieties in packages (specified on the Bloom Kit page). The Bloom Kits will also include a brochure of instructions on what will be needed to plant each type of seeds/dahlia tuber and the correct spacing. We've planned the 4ft x 7ft garden to include enough flowers for you to create bouquets throughout the summer and fall months. You also get access to Blooming Club, our community where we'll guide and support you in your flower journey (it will begin in late April - early May and you'll receive an e-mail to join).

What  is a dahlia centered, cut flower garden?
- A cut flower garden is both beautiful and functional. You get to grow a stunning to look at garden that provides you with many flowers that you can pick and enjoy in your home or gift away! Here at Floriografia Farm, we feel dahlias are the star of any garden. That's why each Bloom Kit includes 5 dahlia varieties for you to enjoy. 

Can I grow my Bloom Kit in the shade?
- No, every curated flower in each Bloom Kit was designed to be planted in a sunny area with at least 8 hours of daylight.

Can I grow my Bloom Kit in pots?
- Absolutely! The only consideration to think about is spacing and the watering schedule. You'll need big pots for the dahlias since most of the dahlias in the Bloom Kits grow to be over 4ft tall. As for watering, during the hot months, dahlias will need daily watering.  


When will the Bloom Kits be shipped?
- We will be shipping the Bloom Kits between the last week of April and the first week of May, this is to allow the dahlia tubers to not freeze during transit.

What should I do when my order arrives?
- Unpack them right away and inspect your dahlia tubers. Let us know if anything looks odd within 2 days after receiving your Bloom Kit(s).

What if my Bloom Kit is damaged when I receive it?
- We pack and ship each Bloom Kit with as much care, safety and love as possible, but if you received a damaged Bloom Kit, please email your concern and photos to FloriografiaFarm@gmail.com. We'll make it right.

What is the return policy for Bloom Kits?
- Pretty incredible. If the dahlia tubers get damaged in transit, or anything about your order is not right, reach out by emailing us at FloriografiaFarm@gmail.com within 2 days of receiving your order. Please note, Floriografia Farm is not liable for any damage or loss resulting from crop/garden failure.



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